Dolphins of Myrtle Beach

by Kris Purzycki

With the early morning sun rising above the Atlantic horizon, the parading silhouettes of a dolphin family are glimpsed just beyond the cresting waves. Teasing morning strollers in a game of aquatic hide-and-seek, the graceful bottlenose glide through the glassy ocean.

With their aquatic charm, the bottlenose dolphins that live in the Myrtle Beach area have fascinated generations of residents and millions of guests from around the globe. Ask any Grand Strand visitor to describe their fondest vacation memories and they'll likely tell you about the moment they caught their first glimpse of the area's beloved sea creatures.

Recognized by their blunt beaks, curved dorsal fins, and sleek torpedo-shaped bodies, bottlenose are able to rocket through the water at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. While their quickness helps them stay at the top of the oceanic food chain, preservation efforts are still needed to help take care of these coastal neighbors. While the antics of these clowns of the sea may make for a tame appearance, bottlenose should always be respected as wild animals and considered unpredictable – especially if young dolphins are nearby. For this reason, people are not allowed to approach the dolphins they may encounter in the sea.

Perfect stages for dolphin theatrics, the breathtaking Myrtle Beach views entice hopeful dolphin-seekers to search the ocean for these wonderful creatures. For a truly unique way to enjoy the bottlenose, be sure to reserve your spot on one of the many thrilling sightseeing cruises available along the Grand Strand. Dolphin-watching adventures offer fun and informative opportunities to hang out with the bottlenose – comfortably and safely! On these exciting tours, watch as the playful bottlenose tag alongside the boat, riding the wake and sometimes leaping spectacularly into the air.

Whether from shore or on deck, hanging out with these amazing creatures will surely delight the entire family – so be sure to keep a watchful eye on the sea.