Kitty Hawk, NC

The welcoming town of Kitty Hawk is centrally located on the Outer Banks and offers a nice sampling of what makes the region so appealing to vacationers. After traversing the Wright Memorial Bridge from the mainland, it is the first town visitors will encounter on the Outer Banks. Here, families can try new sports while relishing the coveted seaside atmosphere.  Ample opportunities also exist for excellent shopping and dining in Kitty Hawk. All of these options make this town a great introduction to vacation bliss on the Carolina coast.

Explore Watersports Central

In Kitty Hawk, watersports are king! And there are many places that give novices the ability to try a new watersport or proverbially “dip their toes in the water.” Those who thrive on speed can rent a jet ski and zoom around exploring inlets and coves. For a more leisurely approach, paddleboards not only offer a pleasurable experience on the water, but a solid workout can be attained by mastering the body’s core strength in order to stay upright. More daring watersports for adventure enthusiasts include parasailing, kiteboarding and wakeboarding. However, surfing is probably the most popular activity in the region. Surfers come from all over the nation to try to catch a wave on the Outer Banks. Local businesses offer classes and one-on-one instruction for those who would like to try surfing the waves.

Find Peace at the Park

Parks let everyone play outdoors in the sunshine while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Sandy Run Park is a fantastic spot to escape from it all. Walk through the maritime forest on boardwalks that span waterways and estuaries while taking in the natural beauty of the coastal region. Wildlife can be glimpsed along the way, especially the turtles that always seemingly captivate the attention of the park’s patrons. Be careful though, they bite! Gazebos scattered along the path provide nice locations to sit and watch the sunset or listen to the birds and the lapping water. It’s a scenic and well-maintained park that captures the essence of the natural beauty on exhibit in the Outer Banks. Another place for outdoor activity is Kitty Hawk Park, which features a covered picnic shelter, playground, half-mile walking trail, restrooms, and the only dog park in the county.

Try Some Radical Skating

Skaters have a local hero in Andy Duck, who has built a number of skateboard parks throughout the United States. His company, Artisan Skateparks, is based in Kitty Hawk and has created 6 parks in the OBX. One of his most recent creations in this region was the Kitty Hawk Skatepark built in 2011. It is over 5,000 square feet and consists of a bowl, quarter-pipe, fun box, ramps and coping. The Kitty Hawk Skatepark is fun for beginners and challenging for intermediate skaters who like to grind, slide and get air.

Play at a Museum for Children

Take a reprieve from the heat and visit a unique museum in Kitty Hawk that caters to very young children. The Children at Play Museum introduces kids to various interactive activities that are perfect when an indoor activity is needed. There are different stations set up with games to play, items to construct, and puzzles to solve. Favorites include a boat to play on that is sized perfectly for youngsters and the teddy bear hospital where future doctors and nurses can tend to whatever ails their stuffed friend.