What’s New in Sarasota?

photo by VisitSarasota.com

In Sarasota, Bradenton, and on the surrounding keys, there is always something fun to do while on vacation. However, if you’re a repeat visitor, you’re probably looking to try something different or to embark on a new experience. For help with finding new things to do, look no further than to Sunny Day Guide! Here are some of our new favorite things on the Florida Suncoast.

“Knights” at The Ringling

Gleaming armor from centuries past will be on display at The Ringling. From Feb. 3–April 21, 2019, the Museum of Art will showcase collections from the Stibbert Museum in Florence, Italy. Explore the craftsmanship that went into the armorment knights wore into battle or for jousting events. Even the horses had armor to protect them from weaponry. This exhibit is a free bonus with paid admission to The Ringling’s museums.

Discover Sarasota Tours

A new way to explore Sarasota just launched onto the streets of the city! Step aboard an air-conditioned trolley to see the sights and learn of the area’s fascinating history. Led by guides who are clearly enthusiastic about showing visitors the “must-see” attractions in Sarasota, these tours are the easiest way to discover a lot about the area in a short amount of time. Ghost tours, circus tours and just seeing the city sights are some of the options that are offered.

Life-Saving Research

We’re all sadly aware of the havoc 2018’s red tide inflicted on wildlife in the waters of the Gulf Coast. Well, the Mote Marine Laboratory is actively working with the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to do something about it. In addition to researching Karenia brevis—a microscopic algae that creates deadly brevetoxins—the teams are educating the public about the algae’s harmful effects on the environment.  To continue their important work in marine research, the Mote Marine Laboratory recently announced its plans to build a new state-of-the-art educational aquarium in Nathan Benderson Park. Assuming their campaign is a success, Mote’s vision is to have double the amount of research space as their current location, more interactive exhibits, and to bring its work to a larger audience. More is certainly to come on this grand proposal.