Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

by Anthony Wellman

This shaded attraction is a refreshing outdoor alternative to sun-drenched beaches. Join kids, teens, adults and families for a cool time in the trees at The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium. Enjoy the thrill of climbing and zip-lining on your choice of the park’s 15 aerial trails.

When you arrive we’ll help you into a harness. We’ll give you climbing gear and instructions for using it. You will be continuously attached to a safety cable during your time in the trees.

After a practice session, you’ll climb up to the starting platform where you can choose from color-coded trails offering various levels of challenge. Each trail includes quirky bridges made of wood, rope and cable that connect platforms built in trees throughout the forest. You’ll also find zip lines sure to make you whoop! Upon completing a trail, you’ll return to the starting platform to choose another adventure.

Our guests tell us that their experiences leave them with a sense of satisfaction, exhilaration and memories that can last a lifetime. The word most used to describe the park? “Awesome!”

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